Mosquito Magnet Commander Review

This top of the line mosquito trap combines insect control with wireless technology.

Mosquito Magnet’s most sophisticated model claims to be the best choice for mosquito control. This propane trap attracts not only mosquitoes but a lot of other critters too. I reviewed the device and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.

You will learn about the main differences to cheaper models and how much of an improvement the MM3400 Commander’s killer features really are.

Update: The  Mosquito Magnet Commander isn’t available anymore. Check out the Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus, the Mosquito Magnet Executive or the Mosquito Magnet Independence for similar models.


  • Type: Propane (CO2, heat, moisture), Vacuum
  • Coverage area: 1 acre, cordless
  • Use: Outdoors
  • Ongoing Costs: Propane, attractant, net, cleaner
  • Manufacturer: Mosquito Magnet
  • Dimensions: 19.2 x 23.9 x 21.9 inches , 34 pounds
  • Other: wireless, odorless, LCD panel, 5 operating modes

For a grand you receive an easy to set up unit that you place in your garden to fight off mosquitoes. Setting the device up is very easy. I had some experience with other Mosquito Magnets before, but even as a newbie the assembly shouldn’t last longer than a few minutes. Be aware that you need a separate propane gas tank before you can begin using the skeeter killer.

It’s big, it’s expensive, it’s highly effective

The Commander comes with a cordless design so remember to charge the battery before your first use. This takes around 2h and is an excellent opportunity to read the manual. Propane mosquito traps are highly effective but they need correct placement and routine maintenance. This brings me to one of the Commander’s advantages: Without the limitation of a cord it’s very easy to find an appropriate spot in your yard.

high end mosquito killer

This mosquito killer will save your garden dinner.

The trap converts propane gas into a mix of carbon dioxide, moisture and heat. This plume mimics humans and lures mosquitoes and no-see-ums near the trap. A vacuum fan then sucks the little critters into the internal trap where they meet their doom. There is no smelly odor, no noise and no obtrusive UV-lights involved.

In comparison to many other tools like bug zappers this insect killer is specifically designed to attract mosquitoes. Other (beneficial) insects like bees usually won’t get affected by it. If you face a skeeter problem, propane traps are the way to go.

Killing mosquitoes is where the Commander shines. Each time you empty the internal basket there are boatloads of dead bugs inside. You will thank this trap after you see dozen of little critters that would’ve harassed you with itchy bites and dangerous diseases like West Nile.

I don’t know of many other solutions that can compare to the Mosquito Magnet’ performance. Give it some time and you will notice a significant reduction after some weeks.

The way propane traps are working is scientifically proven. They have been shown to get rid of mosquitoes that would otherwise harm you.


The unit operates 24/7 and diminishes mosquitoes and their offspring. Together with other tools like mosquito dunks I managed to cut down the local critter population by 99%. I still get bitten occasionally but it’s not a big deal anymore. Most of the time I can go outside without getting annoyed by burning bites.

Diligence is necessary

However the relief comes with a cost. The Mosquito Magnet is not a set and forget solution. You have to maintain four things to keep this mosquito killer efficient:

  1. The internal basket needs to be replaced once it’s full. When the net is clogged with dead mosquitoes this will result in less airflow and decreased effectiveness.
  2. One tank of propane gas lasts around 21 days. After that time you have to refill it to attract mosquitoes.
  3. Each time you change the tank you should use Quick-Clear cartridges. Their CO2 cleans the fuel line and guarantees that propane is flowing properly.
  4. A region-specific attractant like Lurex or Octenol is highly recommend and needs to be replaced every 21 days.

Routine replacement of the 4 consumables above is really important, otherwise your unit might stop working. All this sounds rather complicated but I keep in mind that I only spend around one hour every three weeks with machine maintenance.

Be aware that operating the Mosquito Magnet not only take diligence but also bears some ongoing costs.

A replacement net runs for $30, propane gas refillment is $15 here, a CO2-clearer is $3 and a second attractant costs me $8 every three weeks. All these things sum up to about $70 per month during peak season and round-the-clock usage. Good thing is that the battery does not need to be charged often. I usually recharge once per season in my unit always runs fine.

Maintaining a mosquito trap is not cheap. However I don’t have a problem spending 2 dollars a day and an hour every 3 weeks if that stops endless waves of critters harassing me


I personally don’t mind the maintenance but I don’t want to spare you the details of using a Mosquito Magnet device. You will have to invest some time to get the best results.

Nonetheless I highly recommend it if you suffer from a severe mosquito problem because I’ve yet to find a viable alternative to propane mosquito traps. The kill critters like nothing else and keep your property clean.

I personally don’t mind the maintenance that comes with such devices but I don’t want to spare you the details of using a Mosquito Magnet. You will have to invest some time to get the best results. Nonetheless I highly recommend it if you suffer from a severe mosquito problem because I’ve yet to find a viable alternative to propane mosquito traps.

Wireless connection included

One of the MM3400 Commander’s selling points is its Wi-Fi feature. You can link it to your local wireless network and it will update you on everything important. Whether it is about the propane gas tank that needs to be replaced or other maintenance cues.

In addition you can also switch between the four different fuel saving modes from your computer or phone. E.g. you can shut the device off when the temperature is below a certain threshold (mosquitoes won’t fly around below 50 degrees F). Everything is easy to monitor from your home. You can also get text messages if you’re trap has been moved to guarantee continuous operation.

smart mosquito trap that connects with your phone

The setup is a bit of a hassle though. First you must connect the mosquito trap to your local network. Before you can monitor any information you need to register your device with the Mosquito Magnet servers. Take a look here for more information about the process.

Honestly, I don’t see much use in the wireless feature. I rather walk the 100ft. to my device and use the integrated LCD panel rather than trying to connect an outdoor device to my network. However I can imagine that some users may benefit from the surveillance feature.

It offers a neat solution for everyone who is not at home all the time. Additionally a web-connected trap can be useful if there are a lot of animals around which can move the device.

The Commander has blown me away with its effectiveness against mosquitoes, but not every user needs the wireless feature.


Comparison to other Mosquito Magnets

The MM3400 Commander is the line’s top model and includes the most features. Furthermore it’s the only choice that offers a 2yr warranty and web capability.

The cheaper alternative, MM3300 Executive, is basically the same device but it offers no Wifi-features and has only one year of warranty. I personally use the Executive in my backyard because it costs less and its cordless design covers a large area of around 1 acre as well. Operational costs are the same since.

The Patriot Plus

In case you want to size down you can choose between the cordless MM3200 Independent trap or the latest MM4200 Patriot Plus. Both lack sophisticated operation modes and a LCD panel.

I use the latter in my front yard (connected to a 50ft. cord) and I recommend it if you need a cheaper device for a smaller areas. Additionally maintaining the trap is a bit cheaper too.

They are all great devices, but they get a bit better the more you invest initially.

A patriot Plus will be enough for small gardens. However if you need highly efficient mosquito control for larger areas you better go with and Executive or Commander.

A cordless Mosquito Armageddon Device

The Mosquito Magnet Commander is a beast. Get it and you can say goodbye to the most annoying critters that fly. Every time I empty the net there are loads of mosquitoes trapped. It really is one of the most effective tools against all sorts of biting insects.

It’s silent, odorless and very powerful. This makes it a great alternative to foggers and strong repellents. Together with additional strategies they help to diminish your local mosquito population significantly. No other solution on the market can compare to propane mosquito traps.

If you need a device that operates on its own, this is your choice because you can monitor the Commander via smartphones and computers. I recommend it to everyone who can’t stand itchy bites and red melts anymore. Buy it now and get rid of your mosquito problem.

Last updated: June 11, 2018