OFF! Deep Woods Insect Repellent Review

This spray contains 25% DEET, a component which is known to help effectively against mosquitoes.

Its protection qualities are backed up by numerous scientific studies. Once applied to clothing or skin it helps to repel all kinds of insects for a long time.The concentration of 25% is high enough to annoy mosquitoes but lower than other sprays which might cause more side effects.


Less likely to cause side effects due to 25% DEET


Effective against mosquitoes, ticks, bugs


Convenient spray mechanism


During my 1 week review I usually stayed outside for around 4 hours without a single bite. After that time the active ingredient DEET still provides some protection but you better reapply it to renew the screen on your skin. It turns out to be really helpful against mosquitoes and other nasty bugs, but notice that this product did not repel Florida deer flies during my run with it.

Nonetheless it was very satisfying to walk unharmed while everyone else was attacked by the little bloodsuckers.

The spray mechanism is superb: you can even hold the can upside down and it still works. That’s convenient if you want to treat your clothes with the repellent. Furthermore there aren’t any noticeable stains left after the liquid has dried. Just stay away from synthetic fabrics. Cotton, Linen and Wool cause no problem from my experience.

A solid choice for everyone who wants a well balanced repellent.


OFF! Insect repellent leaves a slick layer of protection on your skin which may feel a bit gooey to some. It’s definitely not the most pleasant sensation, especially when you apply it on your face. The advantage is though that the ingredients won’t get carried away easily by sweat or humid air.

One clearly off-putting thing is the scent. It really smells strong so don’t put it on before a date. I personally can keep up with the odor knowing that the mosquitoes won’t bother me for some hours. Thankfully after about five minutes I didn’t notice much of the smell anymore. In comparison to older sprays from 20 years ago the slight stench is still an advantage. You won’t be choking or cuffing due to it.

Overall OFF! Deep Woods Insect Repellent is a mosquito spray that works. It helps to repel not only mosquitoes but keeps a lot of other unpleasant insects at bay as well. The sticky texture on your skin may not feel very comfortable, on the other hand the components won’t run off quick. The only true downside is the smell. If you don’t mind a strong scent, I recommend this product because it just works and has a good balance in regard to the DEET concentration.
Last updated: June 4, 2018